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Portable Dog FencePortable Dog Fence - Portable dog fence covers many kinds of dog fences you would find available to buy online, including portable dog kennels, Midwest dog kennels and folding portable dog fences.

Midwest Portable KennelsMidwest Kennels - Midwest portable kennels available in different models and sizes. Midwest has over 80 years making cats & dogs products. Check some models to have an idea of the kind of products they offer, from crates to large dog pens.

Portable dog kennels here covers several kinds of dog's carriers, from small crates to large chain link fences, all of them easy to transport and let your pet be comfortable once inside.

Portable Dog Kennels

Kennels are not just used to allow your dogs to move about and have their exercise in a confined, safe space. You can carry your dogs to sporting events or pet shows in kennels. Big dogs can be put in larger portable kennels you can put at the back of your pick up truck and he will be safe there for the trip.

Large Portable Dog Kennels

Remington Soft-sided Collapsible Kennel XLarge

  • Item# KNL056.
  • Durable steel frame for lasting performance.
  • Resilient, machine-washable, heavyweight canvas fabric shell
  • Portable with easy-carry handles
  • Quick, easy setup; folds down in seconds
  • 2 doors- front and top
  • Heavy-duty zippers for smooth, reliable access
  • Roll-up window and door covers
  • Includes removable, washable cushioned mat
  • Weight capacity: 90 lbs.
  • 42L x 28W x 28H inches
Collapsible dog kennels (Click to enlarge)
Collapsible Dog Kennels

$119.99 each
(International shipping)
Available Online at Dog Kennels

Chain Link Portable Dog Kennels

Portable Dog Run Kennel System

This is a heavy duty run, easy to assemble sections come pre-built. So simple to put together. Only tools required are 1/2" and 9/16" wrench. Gate is attached and mounted on to the frame. All that's required is for you to put on the 8 hinges that hold the dog run sections together and your done. Additional sections can be attached at a later time to enlarge your dog run. Available in 3 models: large, small and shippable.

  • Item Code: DPK6612S
  • The Shippable Dog Run Kit is 6' H x 6' W x 12' L
  • Includes: 5 6'x6' panels, 1 6'x6' panel with gate, 12 Kennel Clamps, and 12 Pipe Caps.
  • Assembled weight: 310 lbs
  • Can be shipped nation wide or picked up.

Chain link portable dog kennels (Click to enlarge)
Chain Link Portable Dog Kennels

$770 each
(US shipping)
Available Online at Academy Fence

All prices and information on this page was submitted on January 2009 - Check product source for any changes.

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Academy Fence - Dog run fences, portable dog kennels, including portable chain link fencing enclosures. Check additional components and other models. Available to buy online, shipping service has limitation to some US states. www.academyfence.com

Dog Kennels - Large variety of portable dog kennels, crates, dog fences, houses and more. Buy online, International shipping available. www.dogkennels.com

Small Portable Dog Kennels

Small Lifestyle Kennel Cab in Tan

This Small Lifestyle Kennel Cab is perfect for taking your little pet on a trip. This classic kennel has a safety seat belt slot with shoulder strap eyelets. Kennel has many great features including a compartment for storage, easy to assemble, rubber grip handle and a strong wire door. Perfect for safely transporting your precious pet. Color is two tone Bleached Linen/Tan.

  • Model No: 21169
  • Manufacturer: Doskocil Manufacturing Co. Inc.
  • Size is 19 L x 12.5 W x 6.50 H inches
  • Shipping Weight. 2.97 lbs.
Small portable dog kennels (Click to enlarge)
Small Portable Dog Kennels

$20.55 each
(Bulk discount available)
(US shipping)
Buy at Greg Robert Pet Supply

Cabin Kennel Wire Top Crate

This portable dog crate made by Petmate is specifically designed to fit under airline seats, perfect for small pets. Sliding latches for total security. Includes wire top. Ventilated and airline approved. One year manufacturer's warranty from Doskocil.

  • Model No: 21060
  • Manufacturer: Petmate Doskocil Carrier.
  • Size: Small (17 L x 12 W x 8 H).
  • Color: Clay.
  • Specifically designed to fit under airline seats, perfect for small pets.
  • Wire top offers extra ventilation and more visibility of the pet.
  • Sliding latches for total security.
  • Airline approved.
  • One year manufacturer's warranty.
  • Fits pets up to 7 tall.

Small portable dog crates (Click to enlarge)
Small Portable Dog

$20.98 each
(Bulk discount available)
(US shipping)
Buy at Greg Robert Pet Supply
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