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Portable Steel Crate

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Portable dog run
Portable Dog Run

Portable dog fence covers many kinds of dog fences you would find available to buy online, including portable dog kennels, Midwest dog kennels and folding portable dog fences.

Portable Dog Fences

A leash if the first thing that comes up in our minds when thinking on control a dog. But there are other options for the dog to feel free and comfortable, and to guarantee you safetyness, especially if you are traveling with your lovely pet. Portable dog fences are commonly known as "Kennels" and they come in several kinds of models, from chain link fences to plastic carriers.


A kennel must always be comfortable for your pets. The size of the kennel is an essential consideration. Big dogs like Labradors and German Shepherds need more space than smaller dogs. Kennels must be tall enough to allow them to stand and wide enough to provide room for them to lay or sit in. If you are bringing your dog for a plane ride, the kennel must be in the right size acceptable to airline guidelines. The unit must be as lightweight as possible; otherwise, you will pay more for the extra pounds.

There are many kinds of portable kennels for dogs, the classic kennel cabs (especially designed when traveling by air), soft collapsible kennels for short travels, and even large portable dog run kennels. Some examples of portables dog kennels can be found here.

Midwest Portable Dog Fences

Midwest is a company who has over 80 years manufacturing wire and sheet component parts. They are specialized in chain link kennels and dog pens. Dog pens are also called dog run or playpens because let your dog run around and play in a zone in the yard, securly fenced. Check some models here.


A dog crate is usually refered to kennels designed for carrying dogs when travelling long distances. Some of them have the similar construction of a cage, some others are made of durable, lightweight, water-resistant plastic. Normally, the latter ones are used for carrying dogs when traveling on airplanes, but not all of them are "Airline Approved". At Dog Kennels you can check several models of airline approved portable crates and kennels.

Courtyard Kennel

This portable dog fence allows your dog outdoor time without the worry of animals and other outdoor dangers. The 6 panels are coated in a silver crackle finish and are easily removed and added, allowing you to choose the size of the kennel. Panels can also be set up in a variety of configurations, so you can use the Courtyard Kennel as an outdoor dog run, an indoor exercise pen, or an outdoor pen in various shapes.

  • Item# PPP077
  • Use as an outdoor dog run or an indoor pen
  • Durable, rust-resistant galvanized steel
  • Built-in gate for easy access
  • Corner stakes secure kennel to the ground
  • Assembles in minutes - no tools necessary
  • Disassembles in flat panels for easy storage
  • Panels are easily removed to adjust size and shape
  • Includes 6 panels, 36"W x 38"H each

Portable Dog KennelsPortable Kennels - Portable dog kennels here covers several kinds of dog's carriers, from small crates to large chain link fences, all of them easy to transport and let your pet be comfortable once inside.

Midwest Portable KennelsMidwest Kennels - Midwest portable kennels available in different models and sizes. Midwest has over 80 years making cats & dogs products. Check some models to have an idea of the kind of products they offer, from crates to large dog pens.

Folding Portable Dog FenceFolding Portable Fence - Folding portable dog fence for those who travel everywhere with their pets. Here you have dog pens, crates, also chain link dog kennels, all of them completely foldable.

All prices and information on this page was submitted on January 2009 - Check product source for any changes.

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Airline Approved Portable Dog Kennels

Kennel-Aire Large Remington Plastic Carrier

This portable kennel is extremely durable, yet still comfortable and welcoming for your dog thanks to its well ventilated walls. Handsome almond and green colors make this kennel aesthetically pleasing as well. This kennel is approved for domestic and international airline travel.

  • Durable reinforced plastic construction
  • Unbreakable shell connectors
  • Secure door lock
  • Ventilated on all sides
  • Easy no-tool assembly
  • Weight capacity: 65
  • Size: 36L x 26W x 28H inches
Portable dog crate (Click to enlarge)
Portable Dog Fence - Airline Approved Crate

$99.99 each
(International shipping)
Buy at Dog Kennels

Portable dog fences
Portable Dog Fences - Dog Run Pens

$169.99 each
(International shipping)
Buy at Dog Kennels

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